Monday, September 2, 2013

How To Buy Beyblade Tops Online - Which Beyblades To Choose

Beyblade Battle Tops, also called simply Beyblades, are spinning tops that can be used to battle each other in duels on a Beyblade Stadium.

On this post we will focus on seeing how to buy Beyblade tops online, where to find them and which ones are the best Beyblade tops.

There is a lot of information you should know on Beyblade tops before buying them : including the manufacturer, the series of Beyblade tops you buy, and which Beyblade top you are actually buying.

Also, you may want to buy a Beyblade stadium if you want to play beyblade with the actual rules. However, some people just want to collect the different Beyblade tops and that is fine as well.

The more information you know about Beyblade, the better you will be able to make a decision about which Beyblades you want to buy.

What You Should Know Before Buying Beyblade Battle Tops

As you will find out not all Beyblades are equal to one another. There are different manufacturers, different series and different components to each Beyblade itself.

Beyblade manufacturers : Two Beyblades can have the exact same name ad yet be two completely different toys. How is that possible ? There are currently two manufacturers of Beyblades : Hasbro and Takara Tomy. Generally Hasbro Beyblades are of better quality and a lot more resistant. I recommend you make sure the Beyblades you buy are Hasbro efore purchasing them.

Beyblade series : There are currently three Beyblade series : Metal Masters, Metal Fusion and Metal Fury. Each series has different sets of Beyblade tops. The latest series is Beyblade Metal Fury, it's also the one I recommend most often.

Beyblade tops : And of course, each Beyblade series has several individual Beyblade battle tops to choose from.

Where To Buy Beyblades

There are several local toy shops that may offer you the possibility to purchase Beyblade Battle Tops. However, here we will focus on where to buy Beyblades on the internet.

The two best places to look for Beyblade battle tops on the internet are Amazon and Toys R Us.

They both have a very wide selection of Beyblade spinning tops and ship worldwide.

There are several Amazon links to different Beyblades on this lens itself, you can have a look at these if you are trying to buy some Beyblades.

TIP : Remember to buy a Beyblade stadium and at least two Beyblade tops if you want to be able to play by the actual rules and make matches between your Beyblade tops.

Which Are The Best Beyblade Tops

Many people want to buy Beyblade Battle Tops but don't know which ones to choose. It takes experience and trial and error to find the best Beyblade tops for playing.

I will however provide you a list of what I consider the best Beyblade Battle Tops.

Remember that each Beyblades have their specificities and that this list is purely my own opinion.

5. Spiral Lyre : Spiral Lyre is one of the best attacking Beyblades as it has both good attack and good stamina (the top will spin for a long time).

4. Beat Lynx : Beat Lynx is one of the most solid and versatile Beyblade tops which has very good balance and very good defense attributes.

3. Fang Leone : Fang Leone is the absolute best defense Beyblade in my opinion but it's not as versatile as Jade Jupiter. However, strictly on defense stats Fang Leone is the best Beyblade in my opinion.

2. Forbidden Ionis : Forbidden Ionis is a well-rounded attack type Beyblade that also has very good stamina. Personally one of my favorite Beyblades of all time.

1. Jade Jupiter : Jade Jupiter is mostly a defense Beyblade but also has the most versatile stats in the whole Beyblade universe. A very good choice.

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