Thursday, September 5, 2013

How To Make Money Selling Links

Win money with your Pagerank

Selling links is a different form of online advertising and pays just as well as traditional PPC Google Adsense banners.

It has become very common, over the years, with the democratization of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that people sell text links to win money with their Pagerank. Text Link Advertising works out well because many e-businesses want both high quality links and multiple link sources.

If you have a website with a Google Pagerank, even if it's damn low, you can potentially win a lot with these methods. Let's get started...

How can I win money selling links ?

Winning money with Pagerank is easy, and I'm pretty sure most of you can do it. There are a three major text link advertising services that I will present you. Some rely exclusively on Pagerank, while others also count the number of outgoing links (less is better) and alexa rank.

I will now quickly introduce all three of the networks I recommend.

- For a Pagerank between 2 and 6, I recommend Backlinks as they have a great amount of advertisers due to very competitive rates.

- For a Pagerank between 3 and 8, you will probably get the best pay out of Linkworth. You will also find a lot of advertisers on Backlinks.

- For a Pagerank of 4 or more, you might want to try Text-Link-Ads. Their advertisers are some of the biggest websites in the game.

Make Money with Backlinks

Selling text links with Backlinks can be very lucrative due to the fact that they have plenty of advertisers.

For the webmasters that possess a website with a Google Pagerank, Backlinks is a great source of additional income.

The money you will be winning will depend of two factors :

- Your pagerank of course
- The page on which you will be selling links (it can be your homepage or any inner page)

Here is the rate grid for the links sold on your homepage :

- PageRank 1 : 0.50$
- PageRank 2 : 1$
- PageRank 3 : 2$
- PageRank 4 : 3$
- PageRank 5 : 4.50$
- PageRank 6 : 12.50$
- PageRank 7 : 30$
- PageRank 8 : 75$

And now the rates for the links on any inner-page :

- PageRank 1 : 0.50$
- PageRank 2 : 1$
- PageRank 3 : 1.50$
- PageRank 4 : 2$
- PageRank 5 : 3.50$
- PageRank 6 : 10$
- PageRank 7 : 25$
- PageRank 8 : 50$

The earnings per link sold can seem very derisory compared to Text-Link-Ads for example, but remember that Backlinks doesn't take into account stuff like link positioning, number of outgoing links or even unique visitors. If you have a Pagerank 4, you can easily sell 10 links on your homepage and that's an easy 30$ per month.

Payments are made on the first day of every month, regardless of your amount won. You heard me right, no minimum payment. Another interesting point in the functioning of Backlinks is that the sold links are placed automatically, so you don't need to check every month to add or remove links.

For further information, I advise you to check BACKLINKS Frequently Asked Questions.

Selling Text Links With Linkworth

LinkWorth is a great network to sell or buy text links with. To distinguish itself from its competitors, they offer different types of text ads such as :

- Static links
- Banners
- In-Text Links
- Sponsored articles
- PPC In-Text Links
- Full-Pages

And many more !

I'm pretty sure you will have no problems finding advertisers, especially blogs.

LinkWorth gives you a basic rate suggestion, but it's up to you to define your price. It's not necessary to explain to you why a lower price will get you more advertisers.

As for payments, many options are available :

- Paypal : Payout as low as 25$
- Check : Payout at 100$
- Direct Deposit : Payout at 100$

As a last word on LINKWORTH, I would say that it's a great network full of advice to help you buy/sell links at the right price.

Make Money With Text-Link-Ads

Text-Link-Ads is maybe THE BEST revenue source for big sites.

Unlike Backlinks, Text-Link-Ads takes into consideration many more factors than simply Google Pagerank. They also look at the number of unique visitors and the number of pages indexed by search engines.

Since Pagerank isn't the only earning factor, a pagerank 4 website can easily win 2,000$ per month while one with very few visits will only get something like 50$ per month.

To start selling links, you just have to integrate script in your programming language, or a plugin for your CMS if you use one.

Text-Link-Ads choose themselves the price of your links, depending on many factors (see above) ; but you can choose up to how many links you will sell on one page. Choose smartly, 15 is way too much and advertisers might lose interest (you don't want to buy links on a page that has too much outgoing links), and 2 is probably a little insufficient for your pockets ;)

For more ways to make money online you can read my other lenses. Here is a link to TEXT-LINK-ADS.

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