Sunday, September 22, 2013

Is LOTRO still the best MMORPG of 2014 ?

Undoubtedly the lord of the rings online has been the best game of the 2013 year, maybe challenged only by Star Wars the old republic.

But will LOTRO (lord of the rings online) still be the best game in 2014 ?

With extension such as Isengard and Riders of Rohan you could say that LOTRO is on its way to becoming the number one game in 2014, but is it enough to gather a bigger player base than games such as WoW and Rift ?

To answer that question let's have a look at what made LOTRO so popular in the first place.

First of all the combat system, whether mounted or unmounted, makes LOTRO one of the online games with the best gameplay.

Second, as said in the 5 reasons you should play LOTRO post the story behind Lord of the Rings online is better than what you would find in other MMORPG games.

In part thanks to the lord of the rings universe.
Saturday, September 21, 2013

Starving the Vultures album review

In recent weeks we have review many black metal albums here on The Morsay, including most notably the masterpiece Satanic Blood Angel by Von.

Today I will review the masterpiece Starving the Vultures by band Circle of Dead Children.

While Starving the Vultures isn't typically black metal per say, it contains many second wave black grindcore elements and possesses some very atmospheric attributes.

Tracks like Doom Farmer and Return to Water are considered by many as some of the finest brutal yet grim tracks of the album, and of the heavy metal genre in general.

Starving the Vultures combines elements from brutal death metal, technical black metal and black goregrind to form original and discordant music.

Starving the Vultures is among the very best albums of black metal.
Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wolves in the Throne Room - Two Hunters (2007)

A more recent band, as formed 2003, yet equally as cult as it's predecessors. One of the finest Black Metal ever produced, this band deserves it's place in this top list.

The album Two Hunters is composed of some very atmospheric and ritualistic Black Metal, which reminds some of the earlier work of bands like Weakling and Vesperian Sorrow.

Wolves in the Throne Room is for sure the most influential Black Metal band of the so called third wave of Black Metal.

You can read more from and about me in the online advertising hub, or at my Black Metal blog.

Agalloch - The Mantle (2002)

Initially started in 1995 as a ambient and atmospheric Black Metal band, Agalloch released several demos and one full-length album before engaging in a more avant-garde production in 2002. Agalloch is the first Black Metal band to incorporate such elements in it's music, which were to influence bands like Vesperian Sorrow or the Ordo Ad Chao album of Mayhem.

Before The Mantle, Agalloch produced a full-length album of the name Pale Folklore. One could argue that the atmospheric and icy presence that it inspired marked the pinnacle of the avant-garde Black Metal era. I would argue that sorrow atmosphere of desolation propel The Mantle as one of the best Black Metal albums ever produced.

For more information on ambient black metal bands, feel free to read my other lenses or my blog.

Black Funeral - Vampyr Throne of the Beast (1996)

Formed in 1993, a slight and fine time before the emergence and commercialization of most trend seeking second wave bands. Black Funeral have released several demos, both in 1994 and 1995, of raw Black Metal in the style of Demoncy. It is only in 1996, after the release of the full-length album Vampyr - Throne of the Beast, that Black Funeral imprinted it's own primitive and icy chill of nihilism and darkness.

The later work of Black Funeral is based on the same raw and primitive composition, yet it often lacks the nihilistic vision of Vampyr.

Von - Satanic Blood Angel (1992)

Von - Satanic Blood Angel (1992)
Von is minimalist Black Metal by excellence, and the only band that could create an amalgam of both raw and evil sounding music. One of the first, and foremost defining Black Metal bands in any way and form.

Lyrically, they were the first to bring back the Satanic stuff from the Venom era. Before the Satanic Demo, all the "Black" Metal bands wrote more Death Metal oriented lyrics (Deathcrush from Mayhem as an example).

Musically they were the first to incorporate the very Death Metal like blast-beats into their work, therefore creating the popular "wall of sound" effect. And moreover, they were the ones to recede from a Trash sounding guitar work, to create their own evil sounding riffs. Which were obviously an inspiring for later Black Metal albums like De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, or a typical Dark Funeral track.

Concerning this album, all the tracks were composed and recorded before 1992, but it's only in 2003 that was released the Satanic Blood Angel compilation, based on the Satanic Blood Demo.

The music itself is raw, chaotic and very repetitive. Minimalism in it's best. If Von dropped the technical or epic aspect of Black Metal instigated by bands like Ceremonial Castings or Emperor, they based their work on instincts. If technically easier, such minimalists riffs are the most mentally challenging ones.

Ceremonial Castings - Barbaric is the Beast (2006)

One of the finest Black Metal Bands of all times had to appear on this list, if not on any list. Some would argue that their most intriguing and spectacular album was the previous, Immortal Black Art of 2005. I would say that if anything, the band Ceremonial Castings can be considered to be one of those bands that have more than one defining album.

If Ceremonial Castings weren't even close to being the first Black Metal band to incorporate synthesizer and other musical instruments that were rare to other extreme metal genre, they were the defining one. Unlike Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth, who only managed to rely on their synthesizers to create atmosphere and take out the raw sounding of Black Metal, Ceremonial Castings, in the same ways as did Emperor a decade before that, make use of all instruments in a harmonious yet chaotic vision.

In three words, epic, chaotic and atmospheric. Chaotic as in the title track, Barbaric is the Beast. Atmospheric as in the long lasting Our Journey Through Forever. Epic as in the ending track, Sweet Misery I Forsee.
Thursday, September 5, 2013

How To Make Money Selling Links

Win money with your Pagerank

Selling links is a different form of online advertising and pays just as well as traditional PPC Google Adsense banners.

It has become very common, over the years, with the democratization of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that people sell text links to win money with their Pagerank. Text Link Advertising works out well because many e-businesses want both high quality links and multiple link sources.

If you have a website with a Google Pagerank, even if it's damn low, you can potentially win a lot with these methods. Let's get started...

How can I win money selling links ?

Winning money with Pagerank is easy, and I'm pretty sure most of you can do it. There are a three major text link advertising services that I will present you. Some rely exclusively on Pagerank, while others also count the number of outgoing links (less is better) and alexa rank.

I will now quickly introduce all three of the networks I recommend.

- For a Pagerank between 2 and 6, I recommend Backlinks as they have a great amount of advertisers due to very competitive rates.

- For a Pagerank between 3 and 8, you will probably get the best pay out of Linkworth. You will also find a lot of advertisers on Backlinks.

- For a Pagerank of 4 or more, you might want to try Text-Link-Ads. Their advertisers are some of the biggest websites in the game.

Make Money with Backlinks

Selling text links with Backlinks can be very lucrative due to the fact that they have plenty of advertisers.

For the webmasters that possess a website with a Google Pagerank, Backlinks is a great source of additional income.

The money you will be winning will depend of two factors :

- Your pagerank of course
- The page on which you will be selling links (it can be your homepage or any inner page)

Here is the rate grid for the links sold on your homepage :

- PageRank 1 : 0.50$
- PageRank 2 : 1$
- PageRank 3 : 2$
- PageRank 4 : 3$
- PageRank 5 : 4.50$
- PageRank 6 : 12.50$
- PageRank 7 : 30$
- PageRank 8 : 75$

And now the rates for the links on any inner-page :

- PageRank 1 : 0.50$
- PageRank 2 : 1$
- PageRank 3 : 1.50$
- PageRank 4 : 2$
- PageRank 5 : 3.50$
- PageRank 6 : 10$
- PageRank 7 : 25$
- PageRank 8 : 50$

The earnings per link sold can seem very derisory compared to Text-Link-Ads for example, but remember that Backlinks doesn't take into account stuff like link positioning, number of outgoing links or even unique visitors. If you have a Pagerank 4, you can easily sell 10 links on your homepage and that's an easy 30$ per month.

Payments are made on the first day of every month, regardless of your amount won. You heard me right, no minimum payment. Another interesting point in the functioning of Backlinks is that the sold links are placed automatically, so you don't need to check every month to add or remove links.

For further information, I advise you to check BACKLINKS Frequently Asked Questions.

Selling Text Links With Linkworth

LinkWorth is a great network to sell or buy text links with. To distinguish itself from its competitors, they offer different types of text ads such as :

- Static links
- Banners
- In-Text Links
- Sponsored articles
- PPC In-Text Links
- Full-Pages

And many more !

I'm pretty sure you will have no problems finding advertisers, especially blogs.

LinkWorth gives you a basic rate suggestion, but it's up to you to define your price. It's not necessary to explain to you why a lower price will get you more advertisers.

As for payments, many options are available :

- Paypal : Payout as low as 25$
- Check : Payout at 100$
- Direct Deposit : Payout at 100$

As a last word on LINKWORTH, I would say that it's a great network full of advice to help you buy/sell links at the right price.

Make Money With Text-Link-Ads

Text-Link-Ads is maybe THE BEST revenue source for big sites.

Unlike Backlinks, Text-Link-Ads takes into consideration many more factors than simply Google Pagerank. They also look at the number of unique visitors and the number of pages indexed by search engines.

Since Pagerank isn't the only earning factor, a pagerank 4 website can easily win 2,000$ per month while one with very few visits will only get something like 50$ per month.

To start selling links, you just have to integrate script in your programming language, or a plugin for your CMS if you use one.

Text-Link-Ads choose themselves the price of your links, depending on many factors (see above) ; but you can choose up to how many links you will sell on one page. Choose smartly, 15 is way too much and advertisers might lose interest (you don't want to buy links on a page that has too much outgoing links), and 2 is probably a little insufficient for your pockets ;)

For more ways to make money online you can read my other lenses. Here is a link to TEXT-LINK-ADS.

12 Mistakes to avoid when using Google Adsense

Introduction to Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a good way to earn money with your website and probably one of the most remunerating PPC Advertising Networks there is. Moreover, Google Adsense is also one of the best ways to make money with your website, as their rates are the most interesting in the market and they are one of the most preferred advertising networks by advertisers.

Since they are so serious about paying their publishers, Google Adsense has several rules concerning the content quality of the publisher's website, and failing to follow their guidelines can result in the termination of your account.

In this article we will see the top 12 Mistakes made by Adsense publishers, and probably the reasons why they lost their accounts. If you don't infringe on these rules, there is a 99% chance that your account will survive and that you will start to earn big money with Google Adsense.

12 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Google Adsense

When a Google Adsense account is terminated, which is fortunately very rare, it's almost always due to the content of a website. These mistakes regarding your content may result in the termination of your account.

1. Content promoting the commercialization of drugs
It is important to note that articles concerning medicine and medication are perfectly eligible, Google Adsense knowing easily how to differentiate the two.

2. Selling counterfeit products
Whether watches, clothes or even electronic devices, Google does not allow their advertisement Google Adsense to appear on website selling counterfeit or fake items.

3. Casinos or gambling
Sorry but if your website is about casinos, luck games, gambling and such you can't display Google Adsense advertising on your pages. There may be some rares exceptions sometimes, but I have never heard of them. More over, luck games requiring money are also a big no-no.

4. Content related to firearms and ammo
There may be some exceptions such as war-games like Paintball or Airsoft, but it's really on a case-by-case review. Note that other weaponry like medieval documents is generally accepted.

5. Content related to alcoholic drinks
No beer, no whiskey, no wine. Content related to alcoholic drinks are prohibited from using the Google Adsense ad program.

6. Tobacco and derived products
Don't start a website on tobacco if you are hoping to be accepted by Google Adsense, because content on Tobacco and derived products is ineligible for the Google Adsense ad program.

7. Encouraging piracy
Even if Google is openly outspoken against SOPA and PIPA, it would be going a little to far as to allow websites encouraging piracy to use Google Adsense.

8. Adult content
Google Adsense is NOT an adult advertising network, although those do exist. If you are really desperate to monetize your adult website I suggest you check them out, but the payout rates are far inferior to Google Adsense.

9. Drugs and narcotics
Again, if you want to use Google Adsense your website should be clear of such content.

10. Racist or violent content
Be careful of other advertising networks on which you don't have control, as those may also display this kind of content.

11. Remuneration of actions (Pay-to-XXX)
Such as pay-to-surf, but also pay-to-click, pay-to-email, pay-to-download and pay-to-survey websites.

12. Made For Adsense Content
Low quality content destined only to incite your visitors to click on your ads, or show very high paying keywords with low quality content.

If you want more information on website monetization I suggest you read how to make money with your website. Have a nice day.

Online advertising : CPM or PPC ?

Let's get to the facts. The goal of this article on online advertisement or online advertising (there is a big difference between both) is to get you to understand when to use one (PPC advertising) and when to use the other (CPM advertising).

In this lens we will see when to use CPM Advertising and when to use PPC Advertising, there are many factors that come into play and that you should take into consideration before choosing either one or the other.

But why online advertising you might ask ?

A big concern for bloggers and webmasters of today is content monetization.

The easiest way to do it is online advertising, where programs like Google Adsense have really made what could of been a major problem in the eighties no less than a detail for today's world.

Online all online advertising doesn't work the same way, amongst other things, there are several remuneration type. In this article, we will only talk about two monetization types, CPM Advertising (pay per impression) and PPC Advertising (pay per click). There are other forms of online advertisement, including CPA and CPV, but these are more complex and will be in other articles.

When to use PPC Advertising

Generally, if your site has less than 1,000 daily unique visitors, I would recommend you stick with PPC advertising, as you wont win more than four dollars per day.

Now traffic isn't the only factor to a successful PPC advertising experience, content size and quality matters a lot too. With good content, you will get paid higher per click (from a cent to 70 dollars on Google Adsense).

The content size has a big matter of importance because it directly affects the CTR. For instance, short blog posts as a blog does surely get less clicks than Ubergizmo's posts, or Wikipedia's articles (if they had a PPC Advertisement going on).

Not to mention that with more content, you have a better chance that Advertising robots offer you relevant adverts.

When to use CPM Advertising

As seen just above, the first key to a successful CPM online advertising campaign is traffic.

I like to say that CPM Advertising works only where PPC Advertising fails., either primarely non-textual content or quick browsing pages ( as a prior example).

For non-textual content, a good example is the website Grooveshark. I don't know what type of advertisement they are using, I believe it's a rotating combination of CPA, PPC and CPM Advertisement.

Well I believe that in this case of low-quantity textual content, CPM Advertising is more appropriate. There are two kinds of PPC adverts, the ones that are relevant and the ones that aren't. The ones that are relevant are both paying better AND getting more clicks.

But on a website that as very few textual content, how could an advertising robot or advertising script know what is relevant and what is not ?

Another case where CPM Advertising becomes a pretty interesting possibility is for forum. You are not as free concerning advertisement placement than on a blog or a website, moreover the CTR is usually lower (except for big forums with much traffic).

Mixing CPM and PPC Advertising

Many a tried this, and a lot have failed.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just that it's extremely hard to produce some effective solution by the combination of both CPM and PPC Advertising.

Maybe your are thinking that a blend of CPM and PPC Advertising would work like this :

- The users that get interested the PPC Adverts will click on those
- The users that don't still get monetized by the CPM Advertising
- Conclusion : Twice as much money !

Well that's not exactly how it works...

In fact, CTR is at it's highest on CPM Adverts, which is pointless for us publishers since we don't get paid by clicks but by impressions. That is because the advertisers don't care if the clicks are quality or not, since they pay for the impression, in fact they are trying to get as many clicks as they can. Whereas PPC Advertisers are trying to get clicks, obviously, but high quality clicks, since they actually pay for those.

It's kind of like if you're trying to get yourself a meal. Going to charity free-foods and stuff like that is sort of like CPM Advertising, you're going to take what you can get because you won't pay for that directly, and going to a five star restaurant is more of PPC Advertising, you're going to be picky because you pay for the food you get.

Top Underground Death Metal Bands

Death Metal is a genre of Heavy Metal that mixes elements from early Trash Metal, with Hardcore Punk and a few other influences, going from Blues to classical music.

True Death Metal remains a very underground style of music, unlike some of its sub-genres that aren't even Death Metal anymore ("Melodeath"), and very few bands have reached a mainstream popularity level.

If true Death Metal isn't appreciated like other mainstream sub-genres ("Melodeath core"), it requires much more musical skills and creativity to produce. This lens is a presentation of the most underrated and underground Death Metal bands.

If you are interested in other extreme metal genres, I have also published a lens on underground Black Metal bands, similar to this one.

This article is purely subjective and obviously non-exhaustive, as I couldn't list every underground Death Metal band in one page.

Underground Death Metal Bands

Here is a list of the best underground death metal bands as of today.

Underground Death Metal - Becoming the Archetype

Becoming the Archetype is a very interesting underground Death Metal band, as they are very talented musicians, yet sometimes get too caught up in some experimental music styles.

Some will probably appreciate, but I believe that albums like Celestial Completion or The Physics of fire differ a little too much from the traditional Death Metal sounding.

Regardless, Becoming the Archetype is still one of the most talented and underrated Death Metal band of these days.

They play progressive Death Metal, with some elements borrowed from more technical Death Metal work.

They have, as of today, produced 4 Death Metal albums (two very good, two legendary good).

Undergound Death Metal - Circle of Dead Children

Circle of Dead Children is a Death Metal band, with tons of grindcore influences. They play more of a Deathgrind/Goregrind style, but I believe we can count that as Death Metal.

Deathgrind is one of the least mainstream Death Metal sub-genres, yet one of the most technically requiring. And of all the underrated bands that compose this genre, there is undoubtedly Circle of Dead Children.

Formed in October 1998, they are a very active Death Metal band as they have released over 6 full-length albums.

They play a very brutal style of Death Metal with the Black Metal like atmospheres. Circle of Dead Children also write very contemplative lyrics, which is rare for a Goregrind / Brutal Death Metal band.

Underground Death Metal - Cephalic Carnage

Cephalic Carnage is a Death Metal band which style variates between progressive Death Metal, melodic Death Metal and straightforward grindcore.

The band itself is relatively underground outside the Death Metal scene, despite the fact that have released no less than 6 full-length amazing albums.

The have parodied many other metal genre including Metalcore, Dying Will Be the Death of Me, and Black Metal, Black Metal Sabbath.

Their other work consists of fusion and experimental, yet very solid, Death Metal.

Underground Death Metal - Pig Destroyer

Another underground Deathgrind brutal Death Metal band. As a matter of facts, I was hesitating between Devourment and Pig Destroyer for the last underground Death Metal band to be presented.

I opted for Pig Destroyer because they played a more experimental and innovative style of Death Metal, and also because quantitatively, they produced more music. I'm not saying that Devourment isn't an original band, they are, just that their music is always very similar to Slam Death Metal, which is not a bad thing. I advice you to check out their material, which is also very good Death Metal.

Pig Destroyer is a Deathgrind band formed in 1997. They have produced a different style of Death Metal for almost each album, that is way I highly recommend you checking out several of their productions.

Among other remarkable characteristics, similarly to Circle of Dead Children, they write very contemplative lyrics to accompany their songs, which is quite rare for Goregrind and Brutal Death Metal, where it is mostly question of morbid issues.
Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Black Metal Masterpiece : Dark Gods - Rise Of The Ancients

Dark Gods : Rise of the Ancients, or simply Rise of the Ancients for short, is the newest black metal album by legendary band Von which is said to be released very soon.

Despite the departure of one of Von's most influential members, Shawn "Goat" Calizo, one of the other founders Venien has managed to compose avery brilliant line-up featuring notably Lord Giblete one of the most talented and influential modern black metal guitarist.

The release of Rise of the Ancients will also mark the second full length album produced by Von since the reforming of 2010.

The album Rise of the Ancients is a full length album and is set to be released in late 2013 / early 2014.
Monday, September 2, 2013

Top 5 ways to make money with your website

How To Make Money Online

During the past few years, many webmasters and bloggers have thought of many ways to make money with their websites. Some methods can work, while others are a waste of time.

As a matter of fact, there are more and more "fake" methods to win money online appearing on the web, which can confuse a newbie webmaster trying to monetize his site.

In this article, we will only review the real and effective methods for winning money with your website.

Top 5 ways to make money from a website

5. Make money with Video Advertising

Many advertisers now chose to use video advertising in order to target more visitors, but also in order to have more effective and more converting web campaigns.
It is no secret that video ads pay more than simple text ads, simply because there are more offers from advertisers choosing this type of media.

4. Make money with PPC Campaigns

A lot of advertisers are also using PPC Campaigns for their promotion. The benefits of these types of campaigns for an advertiser is that they can have a maximum worldwide reach with very targeted visitors.
You will earn a lot with these types of campaigns, simply because advertisers will pay more for targeted visitors. Linkbucks is the most important company than proposes PPC campaigns.
Sign up : Linkbucks.

3. Make money Selling Text Links

During the last two or three years, selling text links has become one of the most popular way to monetize your website. It offers two benefits to the advertiser, first the direct targeted traffic that they will get, and second the link juice they will receive due to the backlinks.
This is why some advertisers will pay thousands of dollars in text link campaigns. The two majors companies that propose text link campaigns are Text-Link-Ads and Backlinks.

2. Make money with Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably the most popular and notorious way of making money with your website. With affiliate marketing, you can either sell digital products, sell physical products, or even win money just by having visitors sign-up to an advertisers website.
The main affiliate marketing networks are Commission Junction for the bigger sites, then Peerfly and Adscend Media for the medium ones.

1. Make money with Advertising networks

Whether they are CPM or PPC advertising networks, many advertising networks will pay you a good amount of money.
The reason is that Advertising networks are the most basic form of advertising, including banner display, and they are also the most used around the web.
For a website owner, this is the surest way to earn money fast.
The most common advertising networks are Google Adsense, Chitika and Adbrite.

How To Write SEO Optimized Content

What Is SEO Optimized Content ?

SEO optimized content, also referred to occasionally as google writing, is the redaction principles and techniques that make your content stand out in the eyes of the search engines, particularly Google.

SEO optimized content is considered a big part of on-page SEO. Search Engine Optimized content is very important as it is the foundation of your web page.

For an equal number of off-page SEO, or backlinks, the page with the best SEO optimized written content will stand out and rank higher on Google.

But search engine writing isn't an exact science, and principles have changed a lot since the last two search engine algorithm updates : Google Panda and Google Penguin.

In this article we will mostly view of to write good SEO optimized content for the search engines, and particularly after the major update that was Google Penguin.

What Makes Good SEO Content ?

Density And Keyword Occurrences

Before Google Penguin I would have said that keyword density and keyword occurrences were the two most important principles of a good SEO optimized page. But after Google Penguin, they don't really matter much anymore. I know it's a big slap to the face, especially if you wee in the SEO business for a long time and grew accustomed to keyword density being the most important SEO writing aspect.

Synonyms And Related Keywords

A very good idea is to use synonyms and related keywords in your web pages. They were already important before Google Panda, but since then they have become the new standard for on-page SEO. Note that in this article I don't jam the "SEO Optimized Content" keyword as it would be recommended in 1999 SEO books. Instead I use variety with my keywords : writing, redaction, search engine optimized content, google, web page, article, keyword, write, writing, rank, ranking... they all appear in this article.

On Page Criteria

These were already important as of before the Google Panda content writing era. They seem to be even more so now as we enter a new era for SEO writers. Be particularly careful in the good use of attributes such as alt, title, url. Be cautious in evenly distributing your main keyword around these strategic Google areas.

Unique Content

Unique content is now not only highly recommended, it's a must for a good Google positioning campaign. Trying o rank unoriginal content is like trying to go snowboarding on a motorcycle : you can't. Pay also close attention to the length of your article : no less than 300 words and no more than 1500 words. A good length is between 500 words and 700 words, but try varying your article lengths as much as possible.

Structured Content

Unique content is important but what seems to be even more so is varied content. Use the h1, h2, h3 tags for titles. h1 as the main title with the main keywords, h2 as the subtitle with alternative keywords and h3 as the sub-parts of your article.

How To Buy Beyblade Tops Online - Which Beyblades To Choose

Beyblade Battle Tops, also called simply Beyblades, are spinning tops that can be used to battle each other in duels on a Beyblade Stadium.

On this post we will focus on seeing how to buy Beyblade tops online, where to find them and which ones are the best Beyblade tops.

There is a lot of information you should know on Beyblade tops before buying them : including the manufacturer, the series of Beyblade tops you buy, and which Beyblade top you are actually buying.

Also, you may want to buy a Beyblade stadium if you want to play beyblade with the actual rules. However, some people just want to collect the different Beyblade tops and that is fine as well.

The more information you know about Beyblade, the better you will be able to make a decision about which Beyblades you want to buy.

What You Should Know Before Buying Beyblade Battle Tops

As you will find out not all Beyblades are equal to one another. There are different manufacturers, different series and different components to each Beyblade itself.

Beyblade manufacturers : Two Beyblades can have the exact same name ad yet be two completely different toys. How is that possible ? There are currently two manufacturers of Beyblades : Hasbro and Takara Tomy. Generally Hasbro Beyblades are of better quality and a lot more resistant. I recommend you make sure the Beyblades you buy are Hasbro efore purchasing them.

Beyblade series : There are currently three Beyblade series : Metal Masters, Metal Fusion and Metal Fury. Each series has different sets of Beyblade tops. The latest series is Beyblade Metal Fury, it's also the one I recommend most often.

Beyblade tops : And of course, each Beyblade series has several individual Beyblade battle tops to choose from.

Where To Buy Beyblades

There are several local toy shops that may offer you the possibility to purchase Beyblade Battle Tops. However, here we will focus on where to buy Beyblades on the internet.

The two best places to look for Beyblade battle tops on the internet are Amazon and Toys R Us.

They both have a very wide selection of Beyblade spinning tops and ship worldwide.

There are several Amazon links to different Beyblades on this lens itself, you can have a look at these if you are trying to buy some Beyblades.

TIP : Remember to buy a Beyblade stadium and at least two Beyblade tops if you want to be able to play by the actual rules and make matches between your Beyblade tops.

Which Are The Best Beyblade Tops

Many people want to buy Beyblade Battle Tops but don't know which ones to choose. It takes experience and trial and error to find the best Beyblade tops for playing.

I will however provide you a list of what I consider the best Beyblade Battle Tops.

Remember that each Beyblades have their specificities and that this list is purely my own opinion.

5. Spiral Lyre : Spiral Lyre is one of the best attacking Beyblades as it has both good attack and good stamina (the top will spin for a long time).

4. Beat Lynx : Beat Lynx is one of the most solid and versatile Beyblade tops which has very good balance and very good defense attributes.

3. Fang Leone : Fang Leone is the absolute best defense Beyblade in my opinion but it's not as versatile as Jade Jupiter. However, strictly on defense stats Fang Leone is the best Beyblade in my opinion.

2. Forbidden Ionis : Forbidden Ionis is a well-rounded attack type Beyblade that also has very good stamina. Personally one of my favorite Beyblades of all time.

1. Jade Jupiter : Jade Jupiter is mostly a defense Beyblade but also has the most versatile stats in the whole Beyblade universe. A very good choice.