Monday, September 2, 2013

How To Write SEO Optimized Content

What Is SEO Optimized Content ?

SEO optimized content, also referred to occasionally as google writing, is the redaction principles and techniques that make your content stand out in the eyes of the search engines, particularly Google.

SEO optimized content is considered a big part of on-page SEO. Search Engine Optimized content is very important as it is the foundation of your web page.

For an equal number of off-page SEO, or backlinks, the page with the best SEO optimized written content will stand out and rank higher on Google.

But search engine writing isn't an exact science, and principles have changed a lot since the last two search engine algorithm updates : Google Panda and Google Penguin.

In this article we will mostly view of to write good SEO optimized content for the search engines, and particularly after the major update that was Google Penguin.

What Makes Good SEO Content ?

Density And Keyword Occurrences

Before Google Penguin I would have said that keyword density and keyword occurrences were the two most important principles of a good SEO optimized page. But after Google Penguin, they don't really matter much anymore. I know it's a big slap to the face, especially if you wee in the SEO business for a long time and grew accustomed to keyword density being the most important SEO writing aspect.

Synonyms And Related Keywords

A very good idea is to use synonyms and related keywords in your web pages. They were already important before Google Panda, but since then they have become the new standard for on-page SEO. Note that in this article I don't jam the "SEO Optimized Content" keyword as it would be recommended in 1999 SEO books. Instead I use variety with my keywords : writing, redaction, search engine optimized content, google, web page, article, keyword, write, writing, rank, ranking... they all appear in this article.

On Page Criteria

These were already important as of before the Google Panda content writing era. They seem to be even more so now as we enter a new era for SEO writers. Be particularly careful in the good use of attributes such as alt, title, url. Be cautious in evenly distributing your main keyword around these strategic Google areas.

Unique Content

Unique content is now not only highly recommended, it's a must for a good Google positioning campaign. Trying o rank unoriginal content is like trying to go snowboarding on a motorcycle : you can't. Pay also close attention to the length of your article : no less than 300 words and no more than 1500 words. A good length is between 500 words and 700 words, but try varying your article lengths as much as possible.

Structured Content

Unique content is important but what seems to be even more so is varied content. Use the h1, h2, h3 tags for titles. h1 as the main title with the main keywords, h2 as the subtitle with alternative keywords and h3 as the sub-parts of your article.

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