Sunday, September 8, 2013

Von - Satanic Blood Angel (1992)

Von - Satanic Blood Angel (1992)
Von is minimalist Black Metal by excellence, and the only band that could create an amalgam of both raw and evil sounding music. One of the first, and foremost defining Black Metal bands in any way and form.

Lyrically, they were the first to bring back the Satanic stuff from the Venom era. Before the Satanic Demo, all the "Black" Metal bands wrote more Death Metal oriented lyrics (Deathcrush from Mayhem as an example).

Musically they were the first to incorporate the very Death Metal like blast-beats into their work, therefore creating the popular "wall of sound" effect. And moreover, they were the ones to recede from a Trash sounding guitar work, to create their own evil sounding riffs. Which were obviously an inspiring for later Black Metal albums like De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, or a typical Dark Funeral track.

Concerning this album, all the tracks were composed and recorded before 1992, but it's only in 2003 that was released the Satanic Blood Angel compilation, based on the Satanic Blood Demo.

The music itself is raw, chaotic and very repetitive. Minimalism in it's best. If Von dropped the technical or epic aspect of Black Metal instigated by bands like Ceremonial Castings or Emperor, they based their work on instincts. If technically easier, such minimalists riffs are the most mentally challenging ones.

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