Thursday, September 5, 2013

Top Underground Death Metal Bands

Death Metal is a genre of Heavy Metal that mixes elements from early Trash Metal, with Hardcore Punk and a few other influences, going from Blues to classical music.

True Death Metal remains a very underground style of music, unlike some of its sub-genres that aren't even Death Metal anymore ("Melodeath"), and very few bands have reached a mainstream popularity level.

If true Death Metal isn't appreciated like other mainstream sub-genres ("Melodeath core"), it requires much more musical skills and creativity to produce. This lens is a presentation of the most underrated and underground Death Metal bands.

If you are interested in other extreme metal genres, I have also published a lens on underground Black Metal bands, similar to this one.

This article is purely subjective and obviously non-exhaustive, as I couldn't list every underground Death Metal band in one page.

Underground Death Metal Bands

Here is a list of the best underground death metal bands as of today.

Underground Death Metal - Becoming the Archetype

Becoming the Archetype is a very interesting underground Death Metal band, as they are very talented musicians, yet sometimes get too caught up in some experimental music styles.

Some will probably appreciate, but I believe that albums like Celestial Completion or The Physics of fire differ a little too much from the traditional Death Metal sounding.

Regardless, Becoming the Archetype is still one of the most talented and underrated Death Metal band of these days.

They play progressive Death Metal, with some elements borrowed from more technical Death Metal work.

They have, as of today, produced 4 Death Metal albums (two very good, two legendary good).

Undergound Death Metal - Circle of Dead Children

Circle of Dead Children is a Death Metal band, with tons of grindcore influences. They play more of a Deathgrind/Goregrind style, but I believe we can count that as Death Metal.

Deathgrind is one of the least mainstream Death Metal sub-genres, yet one of the most technically requiring. And of all the underrated bands that compose this genre, there is undoubtedly Circle of Dead Children.

Formed in October 1998, they are a very active Death Metal band as they have released over 6 full-length albums.

They play a very brutal style of Death Metal with the Black Metal like atmospheres. Circle of Dead Children also write very contemplative lyrics, which is rare for a Goregrind / Brutal Death Metal band.

Underground Death Metal - Cephalic Carnage

Cephalic Carnage is a Death Metal band which style variates between progressive Death Metal, melodic Death Metal and straightforward grindcore.

The band itself is relatively underground outside the Death Metal scene, despite the fact that have released no less than 6 full-length amazing albums.

The have parodied many other metal genre including Metalcore, Dying Will Be the Death of Me, and Black Metal, Black Metal Sabbath.

Their other work consists of fusion and experimental, yet very solid, Death Metal.

Underground Death Metal - Pig Destroyer

Another underground Deathgrind brutal Death Metal band. As a matter of facts, I was hesitating between Devourment and Pig Destroyer for the last underground Death Metal band to be presented.

I opted for Pig Destroyer because they played a more experimental and innovative style of Death Metal, and also because quantitatively, they produced more music. I'm not saying that Devourment isn't an original band, they are, just that their music is always very similar to Slam Death Metal, which is not a bad thing. I advice you to check out their material, which is also very good Death Metal.

Pig Destroyer is a Deathgrind band formed in 1997. They have produced a different style of Death Metal for almost each album, that is way I highly recommend you checking out several of their productions.

Among other remarkable characteristics, similarly to Circle of Dead Children, they write very contemplative lyrics to accompany their songs, which is quite rare for Goregrind and Brutal Death Metal, where it is mostly question of morbid issues.

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