Saturday, September 21, 2013

Starving the Vultures album review

In recent weeks we have review many black metal albums here on The Morsay, including most notably the masterpiece Satanic Blood Angel by Von.

Today I will review the masterpiece Starving the Vultures by band Circle of Dead Children.

While Starving the Vultures isn't typically black metal per say, it contains many second wave black grindcore elements and possesses some very atmospheric attributes.

Tracks like Doom Farmer and Return to Water are considered by many as some of the finest brutal yet grim tracks of the album, and of the heavy metal genre in general.

Starving the Vultures combines elements from brutal death metal, technical black metal and black goregrind to form original and discordant music.

Starving the Vultures is among the very best albums of black metal.

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