Saturday, June 15, 2013

Who Is Morsay ?

Morsay, "The President"

Morsay is a French, American and Algerian politician president of his own party, the "parti Morsay".

Growing up Morsay produced many rap songs with his collaborators and soon to be staff, including Zehef, Cortex, Swagg Man, Mickael Korvin and more. However he always refused to be labelled as rapper and preferred the term activist.

Since very young Morsay has always opposed the immoral authority the french government grants to its police forces, the "police nationale", notably the right to search without warrant, to spy on communications and to indefinitely detain citizens without a trial.

He also opposes the drug wars, punitive taxes, monetary monopolies from central banks and economic interventionism from the state.

Morsay often quoted authors Murray Rothbard and Lysander Spooner as inspirations for his political views and although he doesn't consider himself of any definite political position, many label him either anarcho-capitalist or libertarian.

Recently Morsay tried to enter the political race for the 2012 french presidential elections but was boycotted and unceremoniously removed from the ballots.

The media was asked not to relay this to the public but many independent sites revealed the leaked information.

Despite being very popular on Youtube and other social media sites (to date he has the best participation rate on Facebook and Twitter), Morsay didn't get a chance to debate during the race.

In July 2012 Morsay formed his own political party and was immediately elected president, winning by a landslide against his opposition inside the party.

Since then Morsay is considered a rising star in the world politics, having the highest progression of voting intentions in France's history !

To find out more about the president Morsay you can read his official program on his website : Morsay President.

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