Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The main differences between libertarians and conservatives

If you are interested in the government scene and the political debates, there is obviously one question that you have at some point asked yourself : what is the difference between libertarians and conservatives ?

It seems that, according to the media at least, you can use either of these terms interchangeably. So do libertarianism and conservatism mean the same thing ? It isn't quite as simple as that.

While both conservatives and libertarians agree on issues such as government spending, free-market capitalism, labor laws, immigration issues (see and sovereignty rights, there are a few major differences between the libertarian and conservative ideologies.

For instance, what we like to call social issues. Libertarians believe in individual freedom, and conservatives in social order. That is not to say conservatives are anti-freedom or libertarians are moral anarchists, but conservatives would be more likely to criticize extreme black metal music for example.

So as you see, conservatives and libertarians aren't exactly the same despite have 99% siimilar views on some issues.

Then of course there are other political parties that are more or less like conservatives and libertarians : see minarchists, nationalists (, constitutionalists, sovereignists...

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