Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who is the Morsay of the USA ?

Morsay is a well known french politician and rapper. As a matter of fact Morsay is so famous that he has inspired many generations of truand de la galère, his personal group of followers and fans.

Morsay plans on restoring personal liberty and making sure the government has no say in state affairs. Morsay is so popular he is expected to win the 2017 french elections. He only narrowly missed the 2012 ones because the media boycotted and ostracized him.

But the USA have their own problems, and theirs need fixing as well.

So who is the Morsay of the United States of America ?

Mitt Romney ? Ron Paul ? Rand Paul ? Gary Johnson ? Mike Lee ? Tim Scott ?

Who do you think is closest to Morsay in their political positions.

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